Cute Sms

cute smsCute Sms

Below are some really Cute SmS.

Cute Love Story – Boy – I bot a new mobile.
Gal – I wnt treat in Taj.
Dey Went 2 Taj Aftr dinr
Gal – whr did u get mony 2pay 4Taj.
Boy-sold my mobile, wsnt mor imp dn u.

Cute SmS – Two small kids

Two small kids – boy and girl were crying…
some1 asked y r u both crying???
Girl said my doll has broken..
Boy said- bcoz my doll is crying…

Cute SmS – Always be Happy

Always be Happy,
Not because life is full of reasons to smile
but because ur smile itself is a
reason for many others to smile

Cute SmS – Do you know that

Do you know that
you’re nice, you’re sweet,
you’re thought of day by day,
you’re special, and you’re kind,
but there’s one thing wrong
about you.. you’re not mine!

Cute SmS – Don’t be too good

Don’t be too good
I might miss you,
don’t be too caring
I might like you,
don’t be too sweet
I might fall its hard for me
to love you when
you wont love me after all

Cute SmS – SMILE:

S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling

Cute SmS – Do you know

Do you know your 1 smile
can make 100 peoples die,
so u can decrease this
over population, so baby,
please keep on smiling.

Cute SmS – It is scientifically proved that

It is scientifically proved that
sugar can dissolve in water,
so please dont go outside
when it is raining,
cuz u r the sweetest
in the whole world.

I can buy gifts but not LOVE

I can buy gifts but not LOVE,
i can pretend 2 Smile,
but not 2 b HAPPY.
I can lie 2 others, but not 2 u.
I do have many brothers…
but none as SWEET as you.

Cute SmS – Under the sea

Under the sea, there lays a rock.
In the rock, there is an envelope.
In the envelope, there is a paper.
On the paper, there are 3 words…
‘Forget me not’

Cute SmS – A memory is golden

A memory is golden,
maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories.
I only wanted you sweet as a rose,
cute as a kitten is what you are.

Cute SmS – Forgive my eyes

Forgive my eyes 4 admiring
your beauty.
U stole my heart the
moment U looked at me,
call me crazy
call me insane
every time my heart beats
it mentions your name.

Cute SmS – Sweet Candies Are

Sweet Candies Are Easy To Buy,
Sweet Words Are Easy To Say
But Sweet people Like U
Is Very Hard To Find,
So I Dont Want To Loose U. . .

Cute SmS – A “cute” promise to u

Hey Buddy…My dear Pal
“I’ll be your friend till the episode comes in which tom finally eats jerry..!!

Cute SmS – sms means

s – symbol of friendship
m – method of communication in two hearts
s – sweet person waiting for a favorite relation

Top 20 Cute Sms for you

  1. Cute & touchy lines by a school boy for his clasmate- “Every Night i go home Crying Coz i will hav to wait until tomorow 2 see you again”.
  2. If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips.But if u were a tear in my eye i wood never cry as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!
  3. Tears r special than smyls bcz smyls u giv 2 any1 bt tears u share wt ppl u love
  4. i cant help thinking of you, how you can make me smile and the fact that im falling for you more and more each day
  5. How much do u luv me?If it’s 100% cal me,if 80% sms me, if 50% mis cal me ,if 0% ignore me
  6. Help, the police put me in prison for looking so damn beautiful!.. they said i need an ugly bastard to get me out… hurry up
  7. I ask Allah 2 make u happy, make u smile, guide u safely, though every mile, grant u wealth, give u health & most of all grant u paradise!
  8. cute feeling..; my hands never pain while typing message for you..; but my hearts always feel pain when there is no reply 4rm u..
  9. M-ake the most of it. O-pen your heart and mind. R-emember to thank God. N-ever frown I-magine me N-othing to worry. G-ood Morning
  10. I wish I was a teddy bear, that lay upon your bed, so everytime you cuddled it, you cuddled me instead.
  11. Hi, now I am coming to meet u… in the way of sun light… in the way of sweet breeze… in the way of good wishes… just to say have a nice day ahead…
  12. Happiness is like a radio station, broadcasting all d time. U just have to learn how to tune in & receive it properly. Stay tuned n b happy always
  13. I’m a paper, you can write your feeling, scribble your anger, use me to absorb your tears, don’t throw me after use cause when you feel cold i’ll burn myself to warm you
  14. Ur sms is electrical activity of my Heart! Ur miss call is beat of my Heart! Ur call is blood circulation of my heart! So please keep active my Heart
  15. Its so hard 2 lose some1 that is 99% cute, 98%sweet, 95% loving, 90% talented n 100% down 2 earth. That?s me! what a waste if u lose me.
  16. Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter. a summer too… but there? will never be…. another you!
  17. Everyday I see Lots of Strangers Passing By me, This makes me realized that, Life would be BORING, Without A person Like U.
  18. You are the sun in my day, The wind in my sky, The waves in my ocean, And the beat in my heart
  19. My Love that shall not die, till the sun grows cold, and the stars grow old
  20. I do not fear to die, But My fear is that if i die who ‘ ll Love U as much as i do?

Cute Love Sms


Cute love Sms – I May

I may run out of sms to text you,
I may run out of credit to call you,
I may run out of jokes to tickle you,
but my heart will never run out of
space to accomodate you

Cute love Sms – Cute Attitude sms
I wait 4 Someone till I have patience
Once My Patience ends dat someone Has 2 wait 4 Me 4ever..

Cute love Sms – Excellent lines by a True love-

“I have no wrds to explain my Love..
Bcoz i hav got an amazing person who can undrstnd evn my silence!!!”

Cute love Sms – SANTA

SANTA(auto wale se)- Hanuman mandir jaoge?
Auto wala- ji, han.
SANTA- To aate hue mere liye prasaad lete aana.

Cute love Sms – What Is Both Easy As Well As Difficult In Life ?

Easy To Judge When Others Do It .
Difficult To Recognize & Realize When We Do It.

Cute love Sms – Read this slowly “GODISNOWHERE”

wht did u read?
God Is No Where
God Is Now Here!
Just a b’ful line to say- ‘Life depends on d way we look!’

Cute love Sms – It’s really difficult to understand God….!!
He makes beautiful women
and then
he turns them into….
neighbours’ wives..

Cute love Sms – Maturity

Maturity is not when we start speaking
“BIG Things”,
But actually it is,
when we start understanding
“SMALL Things.”

Cute love Sms – Cute Flirt :-

Tumhare Pen main INK nahi hai kya??
Andhe ho kya?
Chal to Raha hai..!
Accha to Apna mobile Number;
Likh ke Dikhao to..

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