Naughty SmS

Naughty SmS

Naughty Sms – When u get this SMS,
send it to 1 persn u love, 1 u hate,naughty sms 1
1 u always think of and 1 u wish 2 kill.
Now, keep guessing y I sent it to u.

Naughty Sms – Somtym my mind asks y I miss u?
Y I care 4 u?
Y I remember u?
Then my heart answers its simply bcoz mental patient needs more care.

Naughty Sms – Y do U think I SMS u ?
Is it bcoz I care ? Or I miss u ?
Or I love u ? Or I need u ? No ! Its bcoz
Time pas k liye koi BAKRA chaiye

Naughty Sms – After a quarrel, a wife said 2 her husband, U know, I was a fool wen I married u.
The husband replied, Yes, dear, bt I was in love and didn’t undrstand.

Tum ek aise don ho jisk pas, Hr lock ki chabi hai, Tabhi to apko don with key kahte hai. Aur Pyar se. “Donkey” .Think it DON!

Naughty Sms – Smtyms small things in life hurt a lot… If u don’t agree with me.. then..
. . . .try to sit on a pin !!

Naughty Sms – Alcohol contain female hormones. Proof: Men gain weight, talk unnecessarily, become extra emotional & stupid, start fighting widout any reason.

Naughty Sms – Traffic Police WALI ne suhagraat k baad husband se Rs.600 ka jurmana manga!

Husband: kis liye?
Wife: 100 overspeed k, 200 wrong side k or 300 bina helmet k.!

Naughty Sms – Director 2 Mallika: = + Suhagraat + = ka seen hai dulhan dulhay ko garm doodh ka glass pesh karti hai.

Mallika 2 director: glass say he agar doodh pelana tha to phr mujy Q cast kia hai..eske to rupye vi bahut kam he milge na ?

Top 15 Naughty Smsnaughty sms

  1. What is d difference b/w eating Eclairs & I-pill think think small girl will eat eclairs & have fun, big big will have fun then will eat i-pill..
  2. Whats the difference between a computer and a woman? A: A computer doesn’t laugh at a 3 inch floppy.
  3. A man was dying of cancer.. Son asks:dad why u keep on telling evryone that ur dying of AIDS? Dad:So that wen i die no one wil touch ur mom..!
  4. A Beautiful Girl puts hr finger near Hotel MANAGER lips. MANAGER KISSES EACH FINGER GIRL:tell Ur BOSS there is NO TISSUE paper in Ur TOILET.!
  5. Wives r incoming calls, Lovers r outgoing calls, Aunties r Toll-free calls, Callgirls r Roaming calls, Neighbour girls r Missed Calls
  6. A dentist was caught raping a girl. Next day headline, “Dentist caught filling wrong cavity”.
  7. Lady1: How come your husband is always home on time? Lady2: I have made a simple rule. SEX will be at 9PM, whether you are here or not.
  8. Boy (to girl): What’s there in between your legs Girl: Hell! And what’s there in between your legs Boy: A sinner,who wants to go to hell.
  9. A baby dog asks mama dog: How papa looks like. Mama dog said: “Your dad came from behind, I did not have the chance to see its face carefully
  10. Girl: Will you love me after marriage also? Boy: This depends on your husband, if he allows me.
  11. Sardar on phone: Doctor my wife is pregnant.She is having.pain rite now.Doctor: Is this her 1st child? Sardar: No this is her husband speaking.
  12. Last nite i went 2 bed without u.. cold,naked,thinking of u, missing ur warmth, ur soft touch against my skin. Where were u “lastnite”
  13. A girl phoned me the other day and said… “Come on over, there’s nobody home.” I went over. Nobody was home
  14. Why did Bubbli throw a butter Out of the window? . . Cause Bubbli wanted to see Butterfly
  15. Teacher: y r u late? Student: My dad told me to take our cow to bull.Teacher(Angrily): Can’t your dad to it?Student: No, only BULL can do it

More Naughty Sms for you

Whats D biggest pressure in C r i c k e t 4 Pak captain wen Pak needs 1 run to win in 8 overs, with 5 wickets in hand?
Ya Allah! How 2 speak English in presentation ceremony?

What is common between Mr.Bean & Major Rohail . . They don’t need to pretend that they are stupid

Girl:It’s 2 tight Boy:Don’t worry,I’ll do it slowly Gal:Push it in, Boy:Ah.I can’t, Gal:It’s painful, Boy:Forget it. .We’ll buy wedding ring

Most interesting line written on the front of T-shirt of a girl, . . . . . . . Excuse me ! My face is above.

(‘) (‘) / / / / (‘) )/ / “o (‘) .’ )/ / o””o (‘) ( ‘.’ )/ / o””o (‘) HELLO! ( ‘.’ )/ / ( . )Geeh som1’s got a dirty mind!

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